US Market Validation Program (MVP)

An 8-week program for international tech companies that want to expand in Silicon Valley

Eliminates waste and dramatically accelerates your US market entry process!

We are partnering with US MAC!

US MAC is a tech accelerator located in Silicon Valley with facilities in San Francisco and Menlo Park, CA.

  • They give international tech companies fast and successful access to the US market.

  • Since 2011 they have delivered 86 MVP’s for tech companies from 21 countries.

  • Today more than 60 are successfully conducting business in the US.

  • US Market Access Center has over 100 US mentors “that’s been there done that”.


Program Objetives

  • Facilitate a Lean US Market Entry

  • Validate your business model in the United States by interacting with potential partners and customers in Silicon Valley.

  • Create a pipeline of early evangelist customers to sell to and partner with.

  • Transfer Silicon Valley knowledge, know-how and the network to your company’s founders and senior executives.

Program Management Team in SF

<strong>Jeff Snider</strong>
Jeff SniderExecutive VP
<strong>Alfredo Coppola</strong>
Alfredo CoppolaCo CEO
<strong>Chris Burry</strong>
Chris BurryCo CEO
<strong>Gigi Wang</strong>
Gigi WangMIT/Stanford Venture Lab
<strong>Ken Singer</strong>
Ken SingerEntrepreneurship Center at UC Berkeley

What Do You Get?

  • A market validation expert and a proven methodology
  • An US Mentor in your sector
  • Weekly mentoring sessions
  • 6 weeks from your home city and the last 2 in San Francisco
  • Grow your Silicon Valley network
  • A fine tuned target list and a outreach team to get you meetings
  • Meetings with 10-20 qualified, prospective customers or partners in the U.S.
  • Meetings with lawyers to assist with legal structure, Visas, tax…
  • US virtual office for 6 months & office space for 4 weeks in Silicon Valley
  • Attendance at industry events and investor forums

Graduates Testimonials

  • CEO , Belgian Enterprise software company: “We had a great experience in San Francisco with USMAC’s program. The MVP was a huge success for our company.”

  • CEO, French digital media company: “I want to thank the whole USMAC team for a job well done! You filled my calendar with excellent meetings…”

The icing on the cake!

For the Batch companies we will have an Investor Day in Silicon Valley the last week of the  Program. All Barcelona Ventures’ graduates of the year will be invited to present.

It will be held at DFJ Global Network’s Headquarters in San Mateo, CA!

We have a lineup of rockstars who will coach your startup in specific sessions during the year

Some of them, click on their photos to see their profiles.

Juan Carlos RiveiroXavier RenomAlfonso De La NuezVictor HorcasitasCarles Cabre

Selection Criteria

  • A tech company from the Internet sector, Big Data, software, SaaS or Mobile

  • Full-time founding team

  • Founders who think big and are building a Global startup

  • Capability and desire to be mentored

  • With current customers, traction or validation in the home market

  • With a baseline business model that’s ready for testing in US market

  • A real commitment to US market entry

Selection Process

It’s very simple. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. We want to make this program timely for your startup.

You can do it alone or in a Batch. If you apply for a Batch you will have to adjust to the Fall season or Spring season schedule. Submissions for the Fall 2014 Batch are now open! Apply to enter this Fall Batch until July 31st!

If you meet those criteria, the process is as follows:

  1. Submit your application

  2. Barcelona Ventures’ team will select the best candidates

  3. Interviews with candidates

  4. Selection of Finalists

  5. US MAC receives the slide deck & interviews selected Finalists

  6. USMAC collects company documentation

  7. USMAC announces which company is accepted into the Program

  8. Start of the Program!

What is the value

No dilution. To facilitate the process and make it more agile, we won’t discuss on the valuation of your company and won’t take any equity. If you are selected, US MAC & Barcelona Ventures will cover one third of the program through convertible debt.

We are flexible. This debt will convert into equity upon the closing of a financing and according to the valuation of that time. The same for the remaining two thirds that would come from investment partners also via convertible notes. Or if you can afford it, you can pay for the program if you want.

We are transparent. For the 2014, the program is valued at € 24,000 + we provide € 3,000 in cash for travel expenses, totaling €27,000 per company.

Our success is your success. We convert into equity when the company raises a round of financing, then these convertible notes might become between 1.5% and 3% equity stake. These are preferential terms for 2014. So if you meet the selection criteria, apply now.

Here are your options:

On my own

Fall Batch

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Later stage

After the Program or if your startup is at a later stage we also have the right programs to continue supporting you. Just contact us!